Jekyll & Hyde Audition Information

March 22-23  -  7:00pm

March 24  -  3:00pm

March 29-30  -  7:00pm



Theater Calendars

Jekyll & HYDE auditions will be held after school on Tuesday, December 4th in the auditorium.
There is an informational meeting in the choir room (A147) on Nov. 7th at 2:10pm.
This meeting is optional and meant primarily for students who are auditioning for the musical for their first time.


Below is a checklist of items you need to have completed before your audition on December 4th. You will turn in all hard copies to Mr. Wayne on the day of your audition, December 4th. You can either print out the below forms or you can grab a copy from the callboard outside of the choir room.  Also Pit information is below for those of you interested in performing the musical numbers for our show!






Each of you are required to prepare one of the songs listed below. Each song has three links: Sheet music, practice track, and audition track. The audition track, obviously, is the one we will play at your audition. The audition track does not play your individual part so be sure to rehearse with it plenty of times. My suggestion is that you familiarize yourself with all of the audition pieces in case you are asked to sing any one of them.










DON’T FORGET ANYTHING! Here is a checklist of everything you need to do BEFORE you audition:


• Completed Audition Form

• Signed Parent Permission Form

• Completed Conflict Sheet

• Registered on 8 to 18

• Complete Contact Info (Google Form)

• Sign up for auditions on the callboard outside the choir room

• Memorize at least 1 of the provided audition songs








We are so excited to have you audition for us and we will see you in the auditorium on December 4th!


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